you have a good rest of your life, kid

Back at the house, Spooge has leaned the ATM against a chair and positioned himself underneath it to drill into its base. While drilling, he gets into a fight with his woman over their drugs and calls her a skank. "I ain’t no skank," she whispers, pushing the ATM upright and crushing Spooge's head. She grabs some dope off his body, crosses the room, and passes out on the couch. Jesse retrieves his gun from Spooge's body and begins wiping his fingerprints off the ATM. As he does, its door swings open and cash spills out.

Jesse grabs a wad of cash and calls 911. Telling the boy to close his eyes like they're playing peekaboo, Jesse carries him outside past Spooge's body. "Just don’t go back inside," he tells the boy.

"You have a good rest of your life, kid," Jesse adds, slipping away while the sound of approaching sirens grows louder.